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Government agencies and organizations are often faced with the need to dispose of counterfeit, faulty, rejected, recalled, expired, or unwanted products that do not meet company standards. When disposing of excess, defective, outdated, or recalled products, you might consider handing them over to a recycling company or doing it in-house. However, it’s best to outsource to a certified product destruction company to protect your business. 

Here at Sledgehammer Product Destruction, we offer comprehensive product destruction services to help you process these faulty, counterfeit, and expired products. We are dedicated to running an environmentally friendly, ethical, and secure product destruction business. Our services are easy and hassle-free. So if you’re looking for a Certified product destruction company in Las Vegas, here are some reasons you should choose us.

Professional product destruction

Product destruction is more complex than many might think. Whether you want to dispose of excess, defective, outdated, or recalled products, you must ensure that the products cannot be redistributed or resold on the black market. This means the unwanted products must be rendered unusable. You could pay workers to dispose of the product, but this is a waste of time. You have many other things to worry about. When you outsource to the team at Sledgehammer Product Destruction, you can rest assured that you’re in the hand of a reliable product destruction service provider.

Professional equipment

It is unlikely to be effective if you’re trying to dispose of the product yourself. Here at Sledgehammer Product Destruction, we take great measures to ensure that we work with the best equipment and that our equipment is regularly and meticulously maintained. Our superior technology guarantees that products are properly disposed of efficiently. Don’t waste your money to buy the equipment you will only use once; let us handle the destruction job for you with the best equipment to get the best outcomes.

Clear chain of custody 

 Using our destruction service means there will be a clear chain of documentation every time the products change hands. For instance, a note will show when and where the unwanted products were picked up and who received the product. This helps eradicate any future questions about who handled products before destruction.

Certificate of Destruction

It’s essential to document the actual product destruction. Here at Sledgehammer Product Destruction, we’ll send you a certificate of destruction. As the name implies, this document certifies that the specific product has been destroyed. This document can also be used to answer any questions about product destruction. It also provides clear documentation of what was destroyed, who did it, and when it was destroyed.

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Here at Sledgehammer Product Destruction, we offer complete product destruction services in Las Vegas that meet all guidelines, so you can be sure your unwanted products are disposed of properly. Contact us at 510-439-2020 or 562-210-0075 to learn more about our product destruction services, discuss your needs, and schedule a time for us to visit your business in Las Vegas.













Certificate of Destruction Las Vegas

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Certificate of Destruction Las Vegas

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