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Nailbuster® Circular Saw Blades

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Pallet recyclers and processors of wood products with nails embedded use our Nailbuster® circular saw blade for trimming deck boards or stringers to length with a chop/pop-up saw or an automated trim saw.

Trimming wood with nails is especially demanding due to high temperatures, extreme shock, and bending that lesser qualities of carbide, steel and workmanship cannot withstand.  We procure proprietary high-carbon/high-nickle grade alloy steel for our saw plates which are laser-cut, ground and tempered custom made for this demanding application, a process 40 years in the making.

The Difference

Our sawblade carbide is the same proprietary industry leading Nailbuster® grade we can offer in most of our indexable tooling. By pair both technologies with high-precision production machines and a highly trained and experienced manufacturing personnel  and the result is a truly versatile and durable sawblade designed to be resharpened and re-tipped several times over the life of the blade for many years to come.

You get what you pay for, and finding the right tool for the job is the key to maximizing performance while minimizing cost, both upfront and ongoing maintenance costs to get a job done and maintain your assets.  Have a baseline performance (“the bar”) to compare our products versus your current sawblade solution is the right way to compare costs.

Sizes and Specifications

Please contact us regarding proper maintenance with your local saw service shop or we can offer our UPICK program to service your blades here in our Midwest service center.  If you don’t know what you are spending on saw blades and service relative to number of cuts achieved, and cutting wood with nails embedded you cannot afford to miss trying our product to see what the Profile Technology difference makes for your operation. Contact us for a free evaluation of your trim saws to see how we can reduce your saw blade service costs and improve your profits.

Primarily designed for cross-cutting deck boards and stringers with nails embedded, our stock circular saw blades come in the following configurations:

  • NB-1040-100 – 10″ Diameter x 40 Tooth x 5/8″ Bore
  • NB-1230-100 – 12″ Diameter x 30 Tooth x 1″ Bore
  • NB-1430-100 – 14″ Diameter x 30 Tooth x 1″ Bore
  • NB-1630-100 – 16″ Diameter x 30 Tooth x 1″ Bore
  • NB-1830-100 – 18″ Diameter x 30 Tooth x 1″ Bore
  • NB-1860-100 – 18″ Diameter x 60 Tooth x 1″ Bore
  • NB-2040-100 – 20″ Diameter x 40 Tooth x 1″ Bore

All saws can be custom-made by request (additional lead time may apply).

Saw blades sent in to our facility for service go through an incoming quality check to determine if they can be resharpened or re-tipped (assuming saw plate is usable).

Give us a call at 1-800-369-4242 or contact us here to find a custom circular saw blade to suit your specific needs. We look forward to working with you!


Download Diagram
Nailbuster Nail Cutting Trim Saw Chop Saw Blades
NB-1040-100 – NB-1040-100
10” Diameter x 40 Tooth x 5/8” Bore
NB-1230-100 – NB-1230-100
12” Diameter x 30 Tooth x 1” Bore
NB-1430-100 – NB-1430-100
14” Diameter x 30 Tooth x 1” Bore
NB-1630-100 – NB-1630-100
16” Diameter x 30 Tooth x 1” Bore
NB-1830-100 – NB-1830-100
18” Diameter x 30 Tooth x 1” Bore
NB-2040-100 – NB-2040-100
20” Diameter x 40 Tooth x 1” Bore