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Dado Blade Missouri

What is a Dado Blade and Where to Buy the Best

Profile Technology provides customers with customized tooling solutions, including high-quality dado blades that are designed to get the job done right. In this article, we’ll look at what dado blades are, what they’re used for, why they’re different from other types of blades, why you might need one, and where to buy the best dado blade for your needs.

Introduction to Dado Blades

Dado blades are saw blades that are used for cutting dadoes (aka grooves) in woodworking projects such as cabinetmaking, furniture building, and joinery work. Dado blades typically consist of two outer saw blades with several chipper blades between them that cut away part of the material when in operation. This arrangement allows for a wider range of dado widths than could be achieved by using a single saw blade alone. The result is more accurate cuts with minimal tear-out and much cleaner dadoes than those made with router bits or jigsaws.

Differences Between Dado Blades and Other Types of Blades

Dado blades differ from other types of saw blades because they have multiple cutting edges on each side, which allows them to cut a wide range of materials without being overly aggressive on any particular one. The width of the groove can also be easily adjusted by changing out the number and type of chipper blades between the two outer saw blades – something which cannot be done using standard saws or router bits. As such, dado blades provide woodworkers with an efficient way to create perfect grooves every time.

Why You Might Need a Dado Blade

If you’re working on any project involving joinery or cabinetmaking, there’s a good chance you’ll need a dado blade at some point in order to achieve precise results. They’re great for creating strong joints since many joining techniques require precisely machined grooves that would be difficult or impossible to achieve using traditional methods or tools. With a dado blade in hand, it’s easy to quickly create perfectly straight dadoes every time without having to invest lots of time setting up jigs or measuring angles over and over again.

Where To Buy The Best Quality Dado Blades

Profile Technology stocks some of the highest quality dado blades available on the market today – designed specifically with precision and accuracy in mind. Our high-end models provide users with all-around performance thanks to their combination teeth design which delivers smoothness while still tackling all kinds of tough materials like sheet metal and laminates alike. Plus, our prices are incredibly competitive, so you can be sure you’re getting great value for money!

Key Takeaways

-Dado blades are specialized saw blades used for cutting dadoes (grooves) into woodworking projects like cabinets and furniture making.

-They are different from other types of sawblades because they have multiple cutting edges.

-A dado blade is essential if you want clean lines and precise joinery results.

-Profile Technology stocks some of the best quality dado blades available on the market today at unbeatable prices!


Whether you’re doing woodworking as a hobbyist or professional, investing in good quality tools is always necessary if you want top-notch results every time – especially when it comes to precise work like joinery projects where accuracy really matters!

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Dado Blade Missouri

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