Distribution Boards Mozambique

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What Is A Distribution Board?

Distribution boards in Mozambique are also known as panel-boards, breaker panels, or electrical panels. They divide the electrical power into sub-circuits and also provide a circuit breaker for each separate line in the same enclosure. A circuit breaker is an automatic electrical switch that protects a circuit from damage caused by overloads or a short circuit.

There are a variety of distribution boards available, depending on the application. There are surface mounted, floor standing, flush-mounted, and some have doors that close and others have plastic see-through covers or doors. There are different sizes available, depending on the number of circuits wired to the board and the total amperage needed.

What Are Parts Of A Distribution Board?

Distribution boards in Mozambique are fabricated out the following components: plastic or wooden board or metal-clad panel board, bus-bar, porcelain insulator, fuses, circuit breakers, light indicators, cables, and double-pole main switch or a double -pole circuit breaker.

What Is The Difference Between Commercial And Residential Wiring?

Residential wiring is always covered in a protective insulative wrapping, which not only protects residents from electrical shock, but also protects the wires from vermin and moisture. In Mozambique, residential electricity runs 220VAC single phase at 50 Hz.  It is comprised of three wires, a hot, a neutral and a ground. Residential wiring is hidden from view in the walls and attic crawls spaces.

Commercial wiring typically has a heavier coating of insulation known as TTHT (Thermoplastic, high-heat resistant, nylon coated). This will protect wiring from corrosion.  Many times it is installed through metal or non-metallic conduits.  For many commercial and industrial applications, 3-phase electricity will be found.  It runs 380VAC, also at 50 Hz.

Why Hire Professionals To Wire Your Electrical Project?

Completing large or small wiring projects require education, experience, and training. Working with electricity is dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing, and accidents do happen. A professional has extensive knowledge of safety procedures. In the event you didn’t complete your wiring task correctly, you could end up with an electrical problem that shorts out, creates a fire, or even shocks people. A professional has the education and training and will have had hands-on experience. Make sure you have thoroughly checked out their credentials.

If you need to hire an electrical team, choose a company that has been doing business in your area and has a good reputation. If you are having a large- or small-scale project designed, you will want an engineer that has a team of professionals working with him/her. Professionals will save you money in the long term. A group of professionals will bring your project in on budget and on time. Premier Cabos LDA has a professional engineer and electricians on staff that are experienced and ready to help you with your electrical project. Premier Cabos LDA also delivers electrical supplies to all of Mozambique.

Distribution Boards Mozambique