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Our History

Profile Technology began in 1978 with our in-house designed and built profile grinder.  It featured custom-pattern grinding in brazed-style, carbide-tipped tools for a variety of machinery.

After incorporating in 1981, we focused our sales operations on custom-designed and engineered profile cutting tools for the primary and secondary wood markets. These markets continue to be core components of our sales, service and support efforts for our customers today. 

In 1990, with the growing need for companies to manage worn and damaged pallets and components, Profile Technology began research and development for machining recycled wood with nails embedded. After years of testing, in 1994, we introduced our first line of Nailbuster® technology at the Missouri Forest Products Show.  Namely, our Nailbuster® Saw Blades for cross-cutting deck boards and stringers with nails present, and our Nailbuster® indexable inserts for notching heads to notch disassembled two-way stringers into 4-way stringers.  Both products were well received and became increasingly popular with pallet repair and pallet recycling companies.

1995 marked the development of the first surfacing head to resize dismantled stringers with nails. This application opened up a whole new era in our ability to re-machine wood with nails embedded.

We then expanded our Nailbuster® technology into the first heads to chamfer recycled deck boards with nails in 1998.

In 2000 we adapted our tooling to surface and edge deck boards and stringers with nails present in the same machine on our first two-headed planer application.

In 2004, we tooled our first four-head planer/molder application to pre-size used wood deck boards with nails to be machined later for tongue and groove paneling.

After completing his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 2007, David (now the third generation of Profile Technology) began working alongside John where he helped to modernize and streamline the company’s software, internal systems and processes. He also focused on finding ways to improve customer satisfaction through the use of computer-generated engineering software, tracking databases, and electronic correspondence.

As our customers began shifting their business models to cut more wood with nails we began development for a more impact-resistant Nailbuster® technology in 2013.

A year later we introduced our new NX grade of Nailbuster® inserts to supplement our industry-standard N-grade.  The new grade is designed to cut more nails, harder nails and hardened screws that have been introduced over the past ten years into pallet assembly operations.  In 2015, we began using Nailbuster® technology in a rip saw blade application to split stringers into deck boards. That same year we also moved into a new 10,000 square foot facility to accommodate our increasing sales and future manufacturing needs.

We continue to help customers with special projects, such as corner-rounding pallets, high-speed edgers, and band-notch cutting. Some of our custom-designed tooling highlights include:

Wood Machining

  • Triangular (3-sided rotatble) Chamfer Cutter Heads for chamfering deck boards (1986)
  • 1 1/2″ radius Insert Notching Head for notching pallet stringers (1998)
  • 3/4″ and 1″ radius Indexable Notching Heads for notching pallet stringers (2004)
  • 400 FPM Indexable Planer Head ran on gang saw (2007)
  • Indexable Sizer Head for manufacturing shavings on head rig saw (2009)
  • Profile Insert Corner Rounding Head for corner rounding assembled pallets (2016)

Nailbuster® Machining

  • Introduction of Profile Technology’s Nailbuster® Saw Blades for cross-cutting boards and stringers along with our Indexable Notching Head for notching pallet stringers (1994)
  • Indexable Planer Head to resurface deck boards and re-size stringers with nails embedded (1995)
  • Insert style (single-edge) chamfer cutters for chamfering deck boards (1998)
  • Combination of Indexable Planer Head and Indexable Hogger Saw to re-size height and thickness deck boards and stringers on the same machine (2000)
  • Indexable Planer Heads on four-station moulder to re-size deck boards and stringers prior to finger-jointing (2004)
  • Introduction of Profile Technology’s Nailbuster® NX Carbide Grade to machine recycled deck boards and stringers with excessive mails embedded (2014)

While we continue to develop our Nailbuster® tooling to cater to new applications for our customers, our goal is to work with customers in new areas of the primary lumber market to reduce manpower, increase automation, and maximize productivity.

Give us a call today at 1-800-369-4242 to see how we can help make your operation more profitable.