Nailbuster® Technology

For over 20 years, Profile Technology Inc. has been working closely with pallet manufacturers and recyclers to maximize machining output for wood containing nails.

Landfills began refusing broken or whole pallets from waste management companies in the 1970’s. The International Association of Pallet Recyclers (IAPR) was then organized in 1990 to provide a nationwide program for both waste management companies and newer pallet recyclers to help create an efficient way for them to process wood with embedded nails. At this point we began engineering a way to help process wood with nails and after four years of extensive research and development, we launched our Nailbuster® technology in 1994. The IAPR merged with the NWPCA to further provide resources for the recycling industry a year later.

Nailbuster® technology is a proprietary blend of carbide and other elements which can be inserted into customized heavy‐duty tool bodies to create the most durable and impact‐resistant tooling for machining reclaimed lumber. We engineer and design our cutting tools to operate on most wood‐working machinery for the purpose of machining dismantled pallet components/building material with embedded nails.

Our Nailbuster® tools allow our customers the opportunity to separate usable boards from broken boards, then recut, resize and repair that material for a finished recycled product. Our tools help our customers reduce costs by allowing them to reprocess recycled material, thus being able to use less virgin wood in recycled pallets. Ultimately, this more‐efficient wood utilization helps support the sustainability of our forests.
Within that technology we have various carbide grades for new lumber (green or kiln‐dried), frozen/knotty, mixed (new wood & recycled), and mostly recycled with nails.  We continue product research and development to advance our Nailbuster® line to cater to the ever‐changing tooling needs of our customers. We would be happy to help you, give us a call today.

NIBS Nailbuster Nail Bitter Nail Cutting

Currently, we offer Nailbuster® technology in the following products:

• notching heads
• trim/chop saws
• planer/cant sizers
• band notch cutters
• edger/hogger saws
• chamfering heads



Optimized for hardwood or softwood in a variety of moisture contents WITHOUT the presence of nails.



Our 20-year industry tested grade (painted yellow) is unmatched in performance in hybrid machining.  Ideal when cutting new wood and wood with nails seamlessly.

80% – 100% WOOD


Our Next Generation (NX) Nailbuster® grade offers superior impact resistance against non- uniform cutting scenarios. Primarily machining wood with nails is a task that can be costly on tooling.

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