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One of the greatest challenges for the maintenance and preservation of industrial assets is invisible failures. These anomalies, which escape conventional inspection and maintenance plans, represent a significant threat to many companies. It is therefore essential to resort to technologies that allow early detection and diagnosis of these issues, for their evaluation and correction.

In this sense, x-ray diffraction testing has positioned itself in recent years as one of the most effective non-destructive methods for the analysis of these failures. X-ray crystallography allows the analysis of almost any structure of a company, thus assisting in the prompt attention of eventualities. You should know more about this technology so that you know why it is essential to have it in your company.

What is Radiographic Testing?

This methodology uses crystal x-ray diffraction to inspect materials to detect non-visible defects using the penetration capacity of X-rays. Specialized devices use shortwave X-rays, gamma rays, and neutrons to determine flaws in a given part or structure. It is the same technology used in medical science, only it is applied in favor of preserving the different assets of a variety of companies in different industries.

How Does Radiographic Testing Work?

Specialized devices pass through the component under study with beams of ionizing electromagnetic radiation. These are emitted by X-ray equipment, linear accelerators, or artificial radioactive isotopes. The radiation that enters the object is not the same as the one that leaves, therefore a variation is produced depending on the internal consistency of the object under study, including its faults such as discontinuities or density changes.

For the studies, the best service companies like ACUREN use state-of-the-art equipment, such as our mobile dark rooms, or our high-energy linear accelerator.

Types of Studies

There are two methodologies for the application of X-ray studies. First, there is conventional radiography or conventional film. Like a medical X-ray, the film is taken for subsequent visual analysis. Also, today there is a variety of digital equipment, which immediately sends the images to a computer. This advanced equipment allows faster and more accurate analysis. However, the use of one or another technology depends on the requirement, the location of the part, or the characteristics of the material.


Radiographic testing allows the detection of internal damage of components and surfaces. This is achieved through the detailed study by the technicians of the images sent by the radiographic devices. In the case of ACUREN, for example, we have 650 RT level II and level III technicians spread over our 80 sites. They analyze the images and issue a specialized diagnosis that allows decisions to be made in favor of the structural preservation of the object under study.

Get the Leading Radiographic Test

If you want a top radiological analysis for your industrial assets, you are in the right place. At ACUREN we have the best technicians, advanced technologies, and methodologies established with the highest industry standards. This combination allows us to deliver the fastest, most accurate, and reliable results in the market. Call or contact us to discuss your requirements and needs.

X Ray Diffraction



X Ray Diffraction

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